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Our Article was published in The Mainichi (Japan Daily News)

Tamami Fukushi and Masatoshi Kokubo, research participants in this study group, were interviewed in a series of articles in The Mainichi (Japan Daily News). The article was published in the Mainichi Newspaper Series, "The Expanding Brain."

Details are as follows.

Tamami Fukushi:

・December 14, 2022, "Letting the Brain Speak Its 'True Feelings'? The Latest Science Behind Docomo's Commercials"

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・April 20, 2023, "Brain-Machine Technology: What do Experts think about its Practical Use on the Battlefield?"

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Tamami Fukushi(Professor, Faculty of Human Welfare, Tokyo Online University)

Masatoshi Kokubo:

・December 20, 2022, "Our Loyalty to the Country Deciphered? Dangerous Uses of Technology."

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Masatoshi Kokubo(Reseacher, Graduate School of Law, Keio University)


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