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Keigo Komamura will speak at the IPSJ Seminar Series 2023

Keigo Komamura, Principal Researcher, will be a panelist at the IPSJ

(Information Processing Society of Japan) Seminar Series 2023, which will be held on October 23, 2023. He will speak at Session 3 (15:05-15:55) titled, " Information Technology Toward a Society in which Humans and AI Coexist, - How Law and Ethics Will Accept the Challenge of Braintech: Towards the Construction of 'Neurolaw'".

This seminar is an online event.

(For details, please visit the event website linked at the end of this page.)

Report contents (excerpts from the IPSJ website)

"The development of neuroscience technology (BrainTech) has been remarkable, and its commercialization and social implementation are advancing rapidly. However, at the moment, it does not pose a threat that undermines the assumptions of jurisprudence and ethics. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that such a situation will arise even tomorrow. We stand at such a crossroads. With an eye on the current situation and the near future, I would like to introduce a trend, "neurolaw," which has recently been the subject of active discussion as a possible response by law (ethics). First, I would like to explain the typical legal system proposed by neurolaw, and then consider some interesting issues in detail. I will also discuss the acceptability of "neurolaw" in Japan, incorporating reactions to a lecture I recently gave on this topic at a bar association."

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Keigo Komamura (Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University)


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